Warren Hardware, of Roseboro, was founded in 1919 by Mr. Able Warren. Two years later the store was destroyed by fire, and Mr. Warren elected to move his business to the town of Garland, where it operated successfully for many years. In 1948, McRae Warren, following his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, broke away and formed Warren Hardware Inc. The main sources for supply were American Hardware, Servistar, and General Electric. In 1971 Warren Hardware came back home to Roseboro when McRae Warren obtained the Roseboro Hardware Company from Mr. Ed Eatman. He then operated both the Garland and Roseboro locations of Warren Hardware until 1987, when he chose to close the Garland location and focus efforts on the Roseboro market.

In 1995, Mr. Warren made the decision to retire and put Warren Hardware on the market to sell. He found a buyer in the newly formed James Trading Company of Roseboro, Inc comprised of Randolph James, Robert James, and Randy Kelly. As new ownership took shape some changes were made, such as, expanding sales floor space and inventory. With the merger of Servistar and True Value in 1998 Warren Hardware adopted Tru-Serv (True Value), as it’s main source of supply. The owners of James Trading Co. have made every effort to maintain the customer service practices of the past, when every customer was important, as well as keep up with the ever-changing market of today.